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Comprehensive clinical trial management, ensuring the highest quality of research for our partners.

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State-of-the-art research center designed to empower innovation and groundbreaking discoveries.

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10030 SW 40th St A, Miami, FL 33165

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Driven by Purpose: Our Commitment to Advancing Healthcare

At AP Medical Research, we are fueled by a passion for unlocking the secrets of human health and disease. Our mission is to improve patient care and accelerate medical advancements through groundbreaking research and collaboration. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and transforming the lives of patients around the world.”

“AP Medical Research was founded on a vision to improve patient care and advance medical knowledge. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration drives our mission to create a lasting impact on healthcare and the lives of those we serve.”

Yovany Abreu

Founder, CEO

Key services

Discover the comprehensive range of services offered at AP Medical Research, designed to support medical advancements and enhance patient care. 

Clinical Trials

Participate in cutting-edge clinical trials designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs, devices, and therapies.

Research Collaborations

Join forces with our multidisciplinary team to advance medical research and innovation through meaningful partnerships.”

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Leverage the expertise of our experienced consultants to navigate the complexities of research design, data analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Contribute to groundbreaking medical research and shape the future of healthcare

Join Thousands in our Extensive Data of Patients

At AP Medical Research, we’re dedicated to advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes. By joining our extensive patient database, you’ll play a vital role in driving healthcare breakthroughs while gaining access to personalized health insights.

Why People Trust Us

At AP Medical Research, our reputation for excellence is built on a foundation of trust. Clients and partners rely on us for our commitment to quality, expertise, and precision in all aspects of our work.

High Quality Lab

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every project.

Unmatched Expertise

Our team of seasoned researchers and scientists bring diverse backgrounds and unparalleled experience to deliver innovative solutions.

Precise Result

We prioritize data integrity and rigorous analysis, delivering precise and actionable results that inform and empower decision-making.

Qualified Staff

Our dedicated staff undergo rigorous training and professional development, ensuring the highest standards of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

Latest Case Studies

Explore our latest case studies to gain insight into our innovative research projects and their impact on medical advancements. Discover how our team at AP Medical Research is making a difference in the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries.

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients, Research Partners, and Trial Participants"

Discover the impact of AP Medical Research’s work through the experiences of those who have collaborated with us.

Mochael K.

“AP Medical Research made my experience as a clinical trial participant smooth and comfortable. The knowledgeable team addressed all my concerns and ensured I was well taken care of during the trial. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to medical advancements.”

"Participating in a clinical trial at AP Medical Research has been a life-changing experience. The staff was incredibly supportive and professional throughout the entire process, making me feel well-informed and confident in my decision."
Emily R.
Clinical Trial Participant
“As a participant in one of AP Medical Research's clinical trials, I felt valued and respected. The staff's dedication to patient care and their commitment to advancing medical knowledge made me feel proud to be a part of the process."
Susan H.
Clinical Trial Participant
“AP Medical Research has been an invaluable partner in our clinical trial. Their expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail have been instrumental in the success of our project."
Jane D.
Biotech Company

Our Exert Team

Meet the exceptional team behind AP Medical Research’s success. Learn about our diverse group of dedicated researchers, scientists, and professionals who are committed to transforming the future of healthcare

Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician
Special Thanks to our
Outpatient Care Facilities & Community Hospitals
For ongoing colaboration on all clinical trials and research.

Take Action and Shape the Future of Healthcare

Discover the exciting opportunities at AP Medical Research and become part of our mission to revolutionize patient care and advance medical science. From collaborating on groundbreaking research projects to participating in clinical trials, there are numerous ways to get involved.

Contact us to join our mission in transforming healthcare.

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